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Adaptation of the functional scope of the free version

In order to be able to continue to offer all users the best possible support, the functional scope of the free version will be adjusted as of 1 June 2021.

What changes?

Change free space: With the Free version, 75 MB of data per project per user can now be uploaded to the document and plan platform.

Info: All data uploaded before 01 June 2021 will not be included in the 75 MB quota. The free storage space per project per person is therefore zero on 1 June 2021.


Fanny Bündig and Kai Nzirkel both work at the company Bauhaus AG. Fanny Bündig has a Basic licence, Kai Nzirkel uses the Free version. Thus Kai Nzirkel can upload up to 75 MB of data, Fanny Bündig can upload as much data as she wants and her uploads are not included in the quota of 75 MB.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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