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Update-News 01.04.2024

We will be happy to inform you about our latest updates:


BIM model checking is now possible directly in smino.

New functions

Model check:

For tasks resulting from a collision check, we now display both linked models.
For published logs that reference a task from a collision check, both models are now also linked.


Deleted main tasks are no longer referenced in the task export.
When exporting tasks resulting from a collision check, we now display both linked files.


The distribution groups for the logs have been standardized across the various systems (mobile app, export, web app).


The rights of the project admins are now displayed correctly in the project repository.
The selection logic for rights has been revised so that several rights can be added to a person, organization or role with a single click.
German default values are now set in the German environment (country code, language, etc.).

bug fixes


A bug has been fixed, whereby all mandatory fields are now highlighted in red if content is missing.
When changing the status of the task to Completed, the correct date is now displayed again.
The problem where attachments could not be removed has been fixed.
Tasks in the log can only be edited via the modal again.
The problem where newly created subtasks were not directly visible on the task detail page has been fixed.


The display of the log view within a log series has been improved by revising the data loading process in the background.
An error that occurred when saving a log item with references to deleted plans or documents has been fixed.
The error that prevented a log invitation from being sent has been fixed.
The sketch of a plan marker can be edited again in the protocol area.
The issue where the correct information was not always displayed for a task log item has been fixed.

Model check:

The tooltips in the model check area have been revised to comply with the latest UX guidelines.
Various graphical adjustments were made in the model check area as part of the release.


A problem with the preview of PDF documents has been fixed.


An error that occurred when opening the acceptance details for the 2nd time has been fixed.


When exporting a schedule, the checkbox for the time period automatically changes when a manual time period is defined.


The delete button for conversations has been graphically aligned with the other delete buttons.


The journal export no longer generates blank pages.
The error with journal exports, where the category "General" had slipped to two lines, has been fixed.


An error when displaying images in smino Updates posts has been fixed.



The task export templates have been revised for deleting & restoring.


The loading of log invitations within a log series has been improved.
The performance of the drag-and-drop process for logs has been optimized with some small improvements.


After saving an Office file, a message banner now appears to indicate that the preview may not be the latest version, as saving is still ongoing in the background.


Mobile users are now shown an info text in the log area if they are offline.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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