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Update-News 01.06.2023

We are happy to inform you about our latest updates:

new functions


Conversations are included in the page element and can also be conducted there.


In the file browser, the back arrow now points back correctly.
In file storage and plan storage, rights can now also be distributed via the role.
When assigning rights in the file repository, a customised alert with additional role information is now displayed.
When viewing the plan in the file repository, the page element can now also be called up.


Dependencies are now validated across all levels.
For schedules, rights can now be granted via roles.
In the case of session series, rights can now also be assigned via the role.


Attachments of an acceptance (only pictures and files) are visible on mobile.
Rights can now also be distributed via the role for acceptances.
Attachments can now be added to acceptances.


When opening a page element (e.g. for tasks or the schedule), the button for chat now moves so that it is no longer in the way.
The country Kosovo has been added to the organisation creation.
Users are now asked questions about their profile and organisation when opening the smino application.
For schedules, acceptances, journals, meeting series, file and model/plan folders, rights can now also be assigned according to the roles that exist in the project. When contacts / project partners are assigned / removed from the corresponding roles, the rights are automatically updated.
When a project participant is added, a tooltip now appears that the rights are taken over directly from the role.


For the journals, rights can now also be distributed via the role.
The export of the journal works correctly again with the specified time span.


On the mobile you can now add or remove pictures to an acceptance.



Session-invitation-via-mail-send modal, content is now also translated.
Fixed an issue where new customers with license orders, the order went out twice.


The texts of the change processes of the tasks have been adjusted.
A problem that you could not scroll in the list of task templates has been fixed.
Solved a problem where sketches were not saved for tasks.
Resolved an issue where if you deleted a task in draft, you were redirected to the project overview instead of the task page.


Improved performance for larger logs with many links to tasks.


Fixed a bug where certain 2D DWG plans could not be compared.
When creating markers in the plan detail view, the page had to be reloaded to make them visible, this has been fixed.
2D DWG models can now also be displayed in the model preview.
Fixed an error when deleting plan markers in the plan detail view.


The translations in the time selection of the schedule are now translated in all languages.
When new users are registered on the smino platform, the language of the invitation emails will be that of the creating user.

bug fixes


Icon from the upgrade button is displayed again.


Small graphical imperfections in the page element of the tasks have been adjusted.
The notice about a missing licence no longer covers the page element.


Fixed a bug that when editing a distribution list of a protocol item, the changes were not directly visible.
An error in the action Email to distribution list in the protocol was fixed if there were no persons in the distribution list.
An error that a protocol item appears as "incomplete" when linking a task has been fixed.
When moving the participants of a protocol via drag and drop, the menu is no longer constantly shown and hidden.


Files can be reopened on the mobile.
Loading data from the database on the mobile app has been made less error-prone.
The mobile app no longer closes when I click on a phone number.


If you opened the rights management directly for a journal and only then switched to settings, the position selection did not work. This has been fixed.


Handling of corrupt IFC files has been made more robust.
Fixed a problem in the Forge Viewer where a navigation element was not loaded reliably.
Document versioning works correctly again.


The view when resetting the password is correct again.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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