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Update-News 01.06.2024

We are happy to inform you about our latest updates:

New functions


When editing a BCF task, the model can be subsequently linked or the reference can be deleted completely.

When importing BCF tasks, the task types from the BCF file can now also be mapped with those in smino.

When importing a BCF file, the persons from the last import are now taken over where possible.

When importing a BCF file, the task types from the last import are now transferred where possible.


In MS Teams, the region selection is possible again even after logging out.

bug fixes


To prevent changes from being lost when attaching an acceptance, a confirmation dialog now also appears here.


To prevent changes to log points from being lost, a confirmation dialog appears here as well.

A bug has been fixed where certain points were no longer displayed in the log.


Fixed an issue where the camera perspective was calculated incorrectly during a BCF export.

A problem that BCF files with comments from people who were not assigned a task could not be imported has been fixed.

It is no longer possible to add task types with the same name. This prevents export errors.

The persons in the task distribution list were not always displayed correctly. This has now been fixed.


The dropdown for rights management under the files is now always displayed correctly and in the foreground.

Tasks can be created again in dwg models.


Position data can now be entered again when it comes to weather data in the journal area.


The search on the app is now case-insensitive.

We have solved a potential bug on mobile that could lead to incorrect navigation under certain circumstances.


The option to register was temporarily unavailable. The bug has been fixed.



The display of the dialog for importing a BCF file has been improved.

Updated on: 04/06/2024

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