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Update-News 01.07.2023

We are happy to inform you about our latest updates:

new functions


When creating a project, the project complexity must now also be specified.


The wording regarding BCP was standardised and internationalised (e.g. DIN for DE etc.). In addition, the wording for BCF import was changed everywhere from plan to model.



In the journal, weather data can now be exported again. In the past this sometimes led to problems.
The weather data in the journal entries remain open, even if you scroll through the list.


If you export the task list as BCF, only the possible checkboxes are displayed.
The behaviour of the task when forwarding has been improved.

bug fixes


A bug was fixed in the rights management of the acceptance, which led to the fact that not all rights could be saved.
Defects can be added to an acceptance correctly again and can also be edited correctly again.
Acceptances to which one does not have access are no longer displayed out of place on the acceptance page.
When defects are edited in the acceptance, the markings and images are loaded correctly again.


Fixed an issue where subtasks could not be created on newly created tasks.
Conversations can be exported with task exports again.
Tasks with subtasks can now be opened correctly in the detail view.
The shifted lines in the affiliations of the subtasks are displayed nicely again.
Fixed an issue that form fields could not be moved reliably.
Fixed an issue where a newly created task from a plan did not pick up the marker.


Users and organisations removed from the project are no longer displayed in the rights management.


The user information for the messages of a conversation is now displayed correctly again after a person has been added to the conversation.
When downloading a conversation, an endless loading animation is no longer displayed.
The tooltip for the participants of a conversation is displayed completely again.


Fixed a misbehaviour in the schedule. This affected users who adjusted the progress of a task that had a dependency on a milestone. This sometimes mutated into a task.


All log points are displayed again for long logs.
The link to the minutes is displayed again in the tasks.
When creating agenda items, more than 10 are now displayed on high screens.


The translations for exports are working again.
The possibility of setting export templates logos is now only displayed for organisation administrators.
From now on, notifications in the file browser are also sent to individual users and roles.


Fixed an error when saving a text in a form field in the Mobile APP.
It is again possible to create image markers before saving.


Fixed an error when displaying tooltips in the weather and project overview graphs.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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