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Update-News 01.07.2024

We will be happy to inform you about our latest updates:


IDs are created for published log points. This ID is unique for this log item in a project. The session abbreviation, the protocol number and the protocol point are stored. In future, it will be possible to search for an ID.

New functions


The content of minutes invitations is always copied to a new invitation.

Session abbreviations are now unique per project to manage the generation of IDs for minutes items.


When entering first and last names in smino, we now validate whether they are no longer than 100 characters and whether they contain only alphabetic characters (letters only). This is intended to reduce SPAM data.

When entering organization names and addresses in smino, we now validate whether they are no longer than 100 characters. This is to reduce SPAM data. We also check the address for special characters.

bug fixes


A bug has been fixed which caused the tasks in a plan not to be filtered correctly.

The text field for form fields no longer swallows letters.


Fixed an issue in the log where a log could not be published directly after an invalid person was replaced in a task.

Only tasks that are also referenced in a protocol are displayed in the session series.

Fixed a problem in the minutes that invalid minutes items could be created.

Persons in the distribution list of a minutes invitation no longer drop out if you want to add another person via the search.

A problem has been fixed where the invitees were not saved in a protocol invitation if the invitation was saved as a draft.


An error when entering new persons in the project via smino has been fixed.

Addresses containing "/" are accepted again.

A problem that occurred when inviting an external person to a project has been fixed.

Case sensitivity no longer affects the search when inviting a new contact.

If a person was invited to a project as an external collaborator, admins of this organization are now notified with a different text.


The error handling for file uploads has been improved.

Fixed an issue where spaces were hidden, resulting in inconsistent sorting.

Fixed a bug that slowed down smino when using the model viewer.

If you want to add a plan marker that belongs to a plan that could not be processed, a corresponding message is now displayed.

In the invoice address under the print orders, we now allow numbers for order numbers and the like for the recipient again.

A bug has been fixed where print jobs could no longer be triggered.


On mobile, we now also check whether the user has a basic license when he performs an action that requires a module license such as acceptance or journal.


The notice that a user has reached his upload limit is no longer displayed as soon as he has received a license.

Data entered by users is no longer translated in Dropdown.

The support chat button now moves correctly again when the page element is opened.

A potential error when setting the filter settings in the project dashboard has been fixed.

Special characters and umlauts in email subject lines are displayed correctly again.

A visual issue with the license selection has been fixed.

Updated on: 03/07/2024

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