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Update-News 01.08.2023

We are happy to inform you about our latest updates:

our highlights in July.

Tasks can now have an additional status "Without action". This does not require any action by the person responsible.
Journals can now be edited on mobile.
The filters in the dashboard have been revised so that the next 7 days or the next 30 days are now available (instead of this week and this month).

new functions


Under the project settings, a project admin can now add new task types or delete existing task types.


The status of a task can now be set before it is published.
The page element is now also available for the tasks/defects in the acceptance as well as in the protocol.
Protocol and acceptance links are now displayed in the tasks.


The change history of a journal can now also be viewed on the mobile device.



Added task status to the notification when a task is received.
The page element for tasks now always closes when navigating away from the active page.
Visibility can now also be set when creating a task.


The mobile sync could be optimised, so forms of tasks can be synchronised more efficiently.


Fixed an issue that caused logs to sometimes take a long time to load.


Improved formatting of defects in the acceptance list when the user does not have access to it.


The waiting time has been increased so that large project exports can also be downloaded.

bug fixes


The title for the Decisions panel in the protocol area is displayed again.
Also very long texts are now displayed correctly in protocol items.


The "Export Tasks" button is back on the Tasks panel of the Files page.
Sorting by "To be done by" works correctly again in the task list.
Tasks from others in the same organisation with the appropriate rights can be edited smoothly again.
Sorting by tasks works properly again.


Conversations that are opened via a link now also display the latest message.


Project admins can delete folders again. There was a problem from a customer.
File names that look the same are no longer saved differently, e.g. when uploading a new version of a plan.
Search contents that can be viewed via the role can be viewed again. There was a problem on the part of a customer.
The plan comparison works properly again.


In the journal export, the legend for task, decision and information is displayed consistently again.


It is no longer possible to delete published acceptances via the mobile app.


No longer will an infinite number of identical acceptance template proposals be created, as has happened with at least one client.


Visual adjustments have been made to the Schedule Export window to make it display correctly again.


Region selection via login on our website is working properly again.
With a valid licence there is no upload limit anymore. This limit was displayed incorrectly for some customers.
The recurring exports can be created again in the project export.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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