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How do I create a new journal?

Click on Journals (1.) and then on one of the two buttons + New Journal (2.).

Define a journal name (yellow highlighted area) and select the location (1.). You can either enter the address in the search field (green highlighted area) or set the marker on the map manually. If you do not want to enter a location, click on the No position information button (2.). Then click on the Next button (3.).

In the next step, the write and read rights are assigned. These can also be changed subsequently. => How do I change the write and read rights of my journal?

Decide whether you want to grant rights to entire rols (1.), entire organizations (2.) or individual persons (3.) . Give the respective rols, organizations and persons read and/or write permission by clicking the corresponding checkbox (4.). If necessary, you can search or filter for Rols, Organizations, Persons and Rights (areas marked in yellow). After you have made the settings, click on the Next button (5.).

Check your entries and then click on the Create journal button.

Note: Journals / construction diaries are displayed in alphabetical order.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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