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How do I start a new conversation (App)?

To start a new conversation, click on the "+" button (1.) and then select Conversation (2.).

Give the conversation a title (yellow highlighted field) and add the participants. To do this, click on the + Participants button (1.) and in the new window that appears, place a tick next to all the people who are to take part in the conversation (2.). Click on the "tick button " to save the selection (3.).

Click on the Continue button. A new window opens. Here you can now click on the field Compose message* (1.) and then type in your message in the following field. Then click on the Apply button (2.). You will then return to the first window. You now have the option of attaching pictures to your message. To do this, click on the Camera button (3.) or on the + Media Library button (4.). To send the message effectively, finally press the Send button (5.).

Your message has now been sent. You will now see the message in the "Conversation" area. To send another message, you can click here again on Compose message* (1.) and then on Send (2.).

Updated on: 30/08/2023

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