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Can the smino app also be used offline?

You can also use certain functions of the app offline. The following is an overview of what you can do even when the app is offline.

create a new task, edit or delete it, and change the status of the task:
=> How do I create a new task (app) ?
=> How do I edit a task (app) ?
=> How do I delete a task in draft status (app) ?
=> How do I change the status of a task (app) ?

create a new journal entry:
=> How do I create a new journal entry (App) ?

start a new conversation:
=> How do I start a new conversation (app) ?

create a new acceptance:
=> How do I create a new scceptance (app) ?

use your plans and documents - if they were previously made available offline:
=> How do I make plans / documents available offline (App) ?

Not offline capable are the following functions:


Updated on: 25/09/2023

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