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How do I create a new acceptance (App)?

To enter a new acceptance, open the smino app and click on the "+" button (1.) and then on the acceptance button (2.).

Now you have to define a Title as well as a Date (yellow marked fields) and click on the Create (1.) button. Next, select the participants. First select a category by clicking the + Add Role button (2.).

Here you can then press, for example, the category Building owner (1.). You also have the possibility to create your own categories. To do this, you can enter a role name in the search field. After that you have to click on "checkmark button " (2.). After that you can click on "no participants yet " (3.).

Here you can add the appropriate people by clicking on the checkbox (1.) and finally click again on the "checkmark button " (2.) to confirm this.

In the Deficiencies (1.) section you can generate and add a new deficiency by clicking on the + New deficiency (2.) button or add already recorded deficiencies to the acceptance by clicking on the + Existing deficiencies (3.) button. A new window will be opened where you can select the desired defect by clicking on the Checkbox . Confirm the information with the Checkbox button (5.).

Also, new defects can be entered plan-based by pressing the + Plan view button (1.) and then clicking there again on the desired location in the selected plan (2.). After that, at least all mandatory information (fields marked in yellow) must be filled in. Then click on Save draft at the very bottom.

In the "Protocol" section (1.), also fill in at least all mandatory information (fields marked yellow) and then click on the Save button (2.). You can save the acceptance as a draft (3.) or directly complete (4.). If you want to discard it, select the Cancel button (5.). Once you have completed the acceptance test, you can add signatures: => How to add a signature to an acceptance test?

Updated on: 23/08/2023

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