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How do I add a signature to an acceptance?

Navigate to the desired decrease and click on the button No signature (1.) for the corresponding person. Then you can click on Add signature (2.).

Define the City (1.) (yellow highlighted area) and sign in the designated field (2.) (yellow highlighted area). You can choose from different line colour and line width (3.). You can delete the signature again by using the Eraser (4.). It is also possible to enter text. To do this, click on t Text (5.).

You have the option of undoing your changes step by step by clicking on the Back Arrow (6.). You can also go one step forward again by clicking on the Forward arrow (7.). If you want to restore the original state, click on the Restore arrow (8). All changes will then be reset.

If you already have an electronic signature, you can add it by clicking on the Upload Signature button (9.). After you have captured your signature, click on the Add button (10.).

You will now see in the acceptance overview that you have signed. You can also delete the signature by clicking on the Remove signature button.

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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