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How do I create a protocol template?

Note: To be able to create log templates, you must have organization admin rights. => Rights and roles within the organization

Minutes templates are used to save the structure (numbering), titles, as well as texts of agenda items/tracts and minutes items as a template. Thus, employees of your organization can select the template when opening a new series of meetings.

To create a template, you must create new minutes in an existing session series or open an existing draft.

Note: How to create a new protocol is explained in the following helparticle => How do I create a new protocol?.

Click Protocols (1.) and open the desired session series. Then open an existing Draft (2.) or create a new protocol by clicking the + New Protocol button (3.), which you then want to save as a template.

The detailed view of the protocol opens. Click on the three items (1.) and then on Create Log Template (2.).

Note: Create the entire structure of the draft minutes with the titles and texts of the agenda items/tracts and minutes items before proceeding and creating the template.

Define the template name (yellow highlighted area) and then click the Save button.

The protocol template is now created and available to all employees in your organization. When you open a new protocol, you can click the Log Template option (1.) and select the desired Template (2.). After that you can click the Open log button (3.).

Note: The protocol templates can be used organization-wide in all projects.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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