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How do I release a log for review?

Make the log visible to the people in the log's distribution list via "for review" status before publishing. Navigate to the desired log in the "Draft" status and click the Approve for review button.

A new window will open. Enter a date (1.) until when correction suggestions can be made. Then click on the Save button (2.).

For security, a message box appears with information about what happens by releasing "for review". Confirm that you want to release the log for review by clicking the Release log for review button.

The people in the distribution list will be notified and can view the log. For feedback, we recommend opening a conversation. This can be done by the protocol participants directly from the protocol by clicking the to conversations button.

Notes: Only people with a Basic license can open conversations. Once the conversation has been opened, everyone can join in the discussion, including people who only have the Free version.

Updated on: 21/08/2023

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