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What are the different types of log points?

Click on the + New Item button in the protocol or add a new item between existing content and select continuous text.

=> How do I create new protocol items and agenda items/tracts?

Select between the following types:

Task: After the log is published, the task is generated and added to the task list. In subsequent logs, the tasks are displayed with the current status. If the task has been set to "Completed" in the meantime, it will be displayed grayed out again in the task list of the protocol export. In the next but one log export, the task will no longer appear in the list. Nevertheless, all tasks created within the session series are listed in the minutes themselves and in the overview of the session series.

Decision: After the minutes have been published, a decision list is created and can be seen in the overview of the series of meetings. The decision is carried over unchanged into the next protocol. However, the decision is marked with a warning sign and the author must either confirm that the decision should be entered again or deleted. If the decision is entered again, it is listed twice in the decision list.

Information: Enter a text independently of a task or a decision. At least one title must be entered. The text is copied unchanged to the next log and can then be rewritten or deleted. Here you have the option of adding several persons and groups of persons. How do I create a group of people?

Tip: To reduce the line spacing between individual text passages, press the combination shift+enter instead of Enter (this way the text is not divided into different paragraphs).

If mandatory fields are not filled in (e.g. due date for tasks), the protocol cannot be published. The item will then be marked accordingly with "! incomplete".

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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