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How do I create a people group?

Groups of people can be created for tasks, logs, acceptance and conversations. First click on Tasks (1.) and then select the button Settings (2.).

A new window will open. To create a new distribution group, select one of the two buttons + Create person group.

Information: Only persons from the contact list in this project can be selected. If the person does not yet exist, he or she must be entered first. The following helparticle explains how to do this => How do I add external project participants?

Give the group a name and then select the desired persons from the contact list (areas marked in yellow). In this step you can also check or uncheck the checkbox to define whether the group of people should be visible to everyone in the project or only to your organisation.

By clicking on the X (1.) you can delete the selected contact from the list. When you have entered all the desired persons, click on the Save button (2.).

Note: You can create and store several groups.

You will now see the created person group in the overview. You can edit it again by clicking on the Edit button (1.) or delete the group if necessary by clicking on the Dump Bin button (2.).

If you create a + New task (1.), you can call up the deposited group in the "Distributor" input field (yellow highlighted area) and select it with a click (2.) on it. This saves you having to enter each individual contact.

Attention: This is about the distribution list of the task and not about who the task has been assigned to for completion!

How to create a task is explained by the following helparticle => How do I create a task?)

As soon as you have selected the group, you will see the individual contacts and can add or remove them if necessary (by clicking on the X by the name).

Updated on: 07/02/2024

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