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How do I add external project participants to a project?

Note: You must be a project admin to perform this action. => What can project admins do?

To add external project participants to a project, click Contacts (1.) and then click + Add Project Participants button (2.).

A new window will open. Enter the organization name in the search field (yellow highlighted area).

The following two cases may occur:

Organization is found:

Select the organization with a click (1.) on it and then click the Next button (2.).

Next, define the role of the organization in the project as well as its Cost group (BKP optional) and Designation (yellow highlighted areas). Then click on the Next button.

Now select the search field "Add Employees" (yellow highlighted area). Add the employee(s) to the organisation by clicking on the respective person (1.). All employees of the organisation who already have an account with smino are available for selection. Finally, click on the Next button (2.).

Note: If the desired contact person has not yet been entered, click on the button Enter contact person (3.) and enter all persons of the organisation required for the project. The following helparticle explains how to add contact persons that do not yet exist => How do I add additional contacts to a project?

Organisation is not found:.

If the organisation is not found, click on the Record organization button.

Define whether the organisation should present itself as a Company (1.) or as a Private party (1.) and fill in at least all the mandatory data concerning the organisation (fields marked in yellow). Define the role of the organisation in the project as well as its Cost group (BKP optional) and its Designation (areas marked in yellow). Then click on the Next button (2.).

Information on the form of organisation: Companies are organisations such as sole proprietorships, GmbHs or AGs. They are visible to third parties in the global address database by default. Private parties are private individuals such as buyers and tenants. They are not visible to third parties in the global address database.

Next, you must enter at least one contact person belonging to the organisation. To do this, click on the Edit Enter contact person (2) button. Before that, determine whether an invitation to the project should be sent to the person, then click on the Next button (3.).

If the checkbox Invite contacts to collaborate on smino (1.) is selected, an e-mail with the invitation to smino is sent directly to the contact person after saving. The contact person can then activate the personal account by clicking on the link in the e-mail and is directly assigned to the project. As soon as the contact person has activated their account, this button is no longer displayed. This gives you an overview of who has already accepted the invitation.

Now enter the contact and fill in at least the mandatory information (areas marked in yellow). Finally, click on the Save button.

If necessary, you can add more contact persons by clicking on the Edit Enter contact person button (1.) otherwise click on Next button (2).

The following window opens with various information (Reprodienst, areas marked in yellow). To save, press the Save button.

Note: The invitation can also be sent again or at a later date. => How can I resend the invitation to a contact person?

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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