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How do I create an organisation / person with two different functions?

If people are responsible for two different functions in a project, they must currently be created under Contacts for each function individually and thus several times.

For our example, David Michelangelo is already listed under "Entrepreneur" in this project.

Now, for the second function, the organisation and the person must be created again (in our example, David Michelangelo is also a planner). To do this, we add the organisation a second time (here in the example under the heading "Planner"), select the desired person (here David Michelangelo) and add the second function.

The detailed instructions on how to create an organisation can be found here => How do I create a new company in the project?.

Now the organisation appears under Contacts additionally also in the "Planner" area.

Note: From now on, the project will appear twice (with the respective function) to the staff member under Projects, in the personal profile at the top right. These contain, independently of each other, their own tasks, protocols and so on. See the following image example.

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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