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How do I remove internal employees from a project?

Notes: Only organization admins can remove people from a project. => What can organization admins do? You can only remove internal collaborators in this way. How to remove external project contributors from the project is explained by the following helparticle: How do I remove external project contributors from the project?

Click on your name (1.) and then on Projects (2.).

You will see an overview of all projects in which you participate. Click on the 3 dots (1.) for the project from which you want to remove employees and then on Edit (2.).

A new window will open. You can see all employees of the project. By clicking on the X you can remove the desired person from the project.

A window will appear where you should confirm that you really want to remove the person from the project by clicking the Yes button.

You will automatically return to the "Organization Settings" screen. Here you have the possibility to restore the removed person by clicking the Restore button.

Updated on: 03/08/2023

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