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What can project admins do?

Project admins are listed in the menu under Project Settings in the section "Project Administration" (4.).

They can make the following settings:
As a project admin, click on the orange Edit button in the respective section.

Project Details: Change project name, address and image.
Organization Settings: Change internal project number and add or remove internal staff from the project.
Print Shop Options: Select a printer and change the billing address.

project administration: add and remove project admins.
file name configuration: define the schemes according to which smino should recognise files and deactivate this.
Archiving: Archive projects.
deletion: delete projects

You can resend invitations to the project or delete them.
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Under Contacts (1.) you can, as project admin, add organisations and persons as project participants (2) and edit (3).

by clicking on the edit (4.) button at the organisation, the role and the name of the organisation can be changed. You can delete/edit (6.) or reactivate (7.) participants/organisations. In addition, the rights management of the repro service can be managed (8.). For persons, the function and abbreviations can be adjusted here by the project admin.

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rights management of the project folder: read and/or write rights can be assigned to the "project folder" by project admins. Each project participant who is to receive write rights must first receive read rights. Furthermore, the project admin can define whether organisations can delete files. In addition, you can determine which of the organisations should be notified about new uploads in the folder => Rights management and creation of project folders

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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