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What are the printing options?

To be able to set the print options, you need the rights of the project admin.

Click on "Project settings " (1.) in the menu on the left and then "Edit " (2.) at the bottom of the print options.

Here you have the option of selecting the checkbox with "All organisations pay for their own print jobs ". This way, each organisation that is part of the project can order the print jobs with its own billing address.

If you select the checkbox "Global billing address for selected organisations "(1.), the contact person (2.) must be entered. At the bottom of the search field (3.) you can select the corresponding organisations that are allowed to create print jobs via the global billing address. You can remove the organisations at any time by clicking on the Delete button (4.).

The organisation selected is now displayed at the bottom. Confirm the creation/adjustment by clicking on "Save "

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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