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How do I create a project export?

Note: The project export depends on the set rights. Only data that you can access in smino will be exported. For documents and plans to be exported, it is sufficient if you have the read permission.

To create a project export, click on your name (1.) and then on projects (2.)

Click the three dots (1.) at the project from which you want to create an export and click Exports (2.) in the pop-up window.

Next, click the + New Export button in the My Projects Exports section.

Note: Project exports and their downloads are available for 14 days. If you have already made a project export within the last 14 days, it will be displayed on the Projects exports page.

A new window will open. Here you can select which contents are to be exported from the project by clicking on the Checkboxes (1.). By clicking the Select all button (2.) you can select/deselect all checkboxes. Confirm the selection by clicking the Next button (3.).

A new window will open. Here you have the possibility to select the checkbox for a one-time export immediately (1.), or that the export is generated regularly (2.). In addition, you can also define the Start date (3.), as well as set the Interval (4.), whether you would like to export this weekly or monthly. You can also directly define an end date (5.). Then click on Export (6.).

While the export is being created, you can continue working normally on smino. If you have been informed via e-mail that the export is available, you can download all downloads for this project at once by clicking the Download All button (1.). You can also download individual sections by clicking on the respective Download button (2.).

Updated on: 22/06/2023

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