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How do I create a new project?

Note: To create new projects, you need a Basic license.

To create a new project, click on your name (1.) and then on Projects (2.).

You will get to the overview page of all the projects you have created or are participating in. Click the + New Project button.

Note: You can perform this action only as an organization admin or organization project manager. => Rights and roles within the organization

Project details:

Fill in at least all mandatory fields (yellow marked areas). Optionally, you can define an internal project number (green highlighted area) and a project logo. To add a project logo, click select (1.) or drag and drop the image into the designated area. After you have filled in all the information, click the Next button (2.).

My organization:

Fill in at least all mandatory fields (yellow marked areas) and optionally define the trade or BKP number (green marked area). Then click on the Next button.

Contact persons:

Add internal collaborators to the project by entering the name of the person in the search field (yellow highlighted area) and then selecting them by clicking (1.). You can also add external collaborators in this step. Click the arrow (2.) to expand the menu and enter the person's email address in the search field (yellow highlighted area).

After you have selected the appropriate persons, you can define whether the person should be granted the "Internal Administration" right by selecting the checkbox (1.). This right can only be granted to internal employees. Persons with this right can add persons of their own organization to the project and adjust internal project details. If you have selected a person by mistake, you can remove it by clicking on the X (2.). Then click on the Next button (3.).

Note: If a person has not yet been added to the organization, he/she cannot be added to the project. => How do I add employees to my organization?

Repro service

This step is optional. You can also change the settings for the print shop later in the project settings. If you want to define the repro service at a later stage, select No reprodienst (1.). Otherwise, select a print shop with a click (2.) on it.

After you have selected a repro service, you can define the desired Branch (1.). Also define whether you want the All organizations pay for their print jobs themselves option (2.) or the Global billing address for selected organizations option (3.).

Information: The branch can also be changed later in the print job. The printing branch can be changed by a project admin in the project settings.

Billing address

Option 1: All organizations pay for their own printing jobs:

Each organization can choose its own printer. All organizations can create print jobs, but must take care of invoicing themselves.

Option 2: Global billing address for the selected organizations:

The printing house is set by the project admin for the whole project. Selected organizations can create print jobs using a global billing address. Non-selected organizations cannot create print jobs using smino.

Open project.

After you have entered all the information, click the Open Project button to create the project.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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