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How do I add employees to my organization?

In order for your employees to work on smino, they must have a smino login and belong to your organization on smino.

Basically, there are two options:

as an organization admin, create the accounts for your employees:

Click on your name (1.) and then on organization (2.).

Select the Manage Employees button.

A new window will open. Click the + Add employees button.

Fill in all mandatory fields (yellow marked areas) and click the Register button.

The login details you defined for the account you just created are displayed. Send these details to your employee. Confirm the creation of the user by clicking the Create user button.

Note: The added person should change the password after the initial login for security reasons. => How do I change my password?

your employees register themselves on smino and then submit a membership application to your organization:

Information: The exact procedure on how your employees can register explains the following helparticle => How do I register?.

As an organization admin, you will see all membership applications in the overview page of your organization. Click Decline or Accept.

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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