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How do I buy and manage licenses?

Note: Only organization admins can manage licenses. => Rights and Roles within the Organization

Click on your name (1.) and then on organization (2.). After that click on Licenses (3.).

You will now see an overview of your purchased licenses and to whom they have been assigned. Click on the button Manage licenses.

A new window opens. Here you now have the option to assign Basic licenses and additional modules individually to your employees. In addition, licenses that have already been ordered but not yet assigned are displayed here (area highlighted in yellow).

If you have already assigned all licenses, you can purchase new licenses by selecting a previously "empty" checkbox (1.). You will then see the added license(s) in the shopping cart (green highlighted area). Then click on the Continue to order button (2.).

A new window will open where you can edit your contact details or billing address (yellow highlighted areas). Then click on the Next button.

Now you can check the shopping cart again and if necessary change the number of licenses you want to buy (yellow highlighted area). After that click on the Next button.

Finally, check your order again and then click the Order now button.

How to assign licenses to external persons is explained by the following helparticle => How do I assign licenses to external persons?

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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