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How are abbreviations generated and how do I change a person's abbreviation?

Each person receives an abbreviation as soon as they are entered on smino. This can be seen, for example, when exporting a protocol. By default, the abbreviations are generated as follows: First two letters of the first name plus first two letters of the last name. If you enter a new person and there is already someone in the project with the same abbreviation, other combinations of the letters are generated so that the abbreviation is unique in the project.

Note: To be able to edit the abbreviations of a person, you must be the project admin. => What can project admins do?

Click on Contacts (1.) and then on the Edit button** (2.) at the organization where the person is employed.

A new window will open, in which you can again click on the Edit button at the desired person.

After that you can define a new abbreviation in the yellow marked field and then click the Save button.

Note: The abbreviation can also be set to a non-unique abbreviation in the project.

Updated on: 04/08/2023

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