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How do I add additional contacts to a project?

Note: To use this function you must have the project admin rights. => What can project admins do?

Click on Contacts (1.) and then on the Edit button (2.) at the organization to which you want to add a new contact.

A new window will open. Click the orange + Button.

First use the search function (yellow marked field). If the partner company has already entered the person, the person can be easily selected here. If the contact person does not exist yet, you can add him/her by clicking on the Enter contact person button.

Fill in at least the mandatory fields marked in yellow and click the Save button to add the person.

If you enter a person with an email address that already exists, this will be displayed. Click the Select button to add the person.

The newly added contact person will be invited to smino by e-mail when you click the Resend invitation button in the overview. The person can then register directly and participate in the project.

Note: You have already invited the person, but you want to send the invitation a second time? The following helparticle describes the exact procedure => How can I resend the invitation to a contact person?

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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