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How do I create a task?

To create a new task, click on Tasks (1.) in the menu on the left and then on the "+ New task" button (2.) in the top right.

A new window will open and you should complete the following mandatory information:

Short description - Select the title of the task.
To be done by - Select yourself or assign the task to a contact.
Date due - Define a date by which the task is to be completed.
Location - Define a location.
Distributor - Select the desired persons. => How do I create a distribution group for tasks?

You can save the task as a draft with the Save as draft button (14.). The task is displayed as a draft only visible to you and you can edit the task again before you finally assign it.

As an addition, you can optionally add the following:

Description - Optionally, you can enter more detailed information about the task.
Marker - Press the "+Add marker " button to add a marker on a plan that has already been filed and processed on smino.
Plans - Here you can upload plans that have already been uploaded to smino by clicking the "+Add " button.
Documents - Here you can upload other documents that have already been uploaded to smino by clicking on the "+Add " button.
Files - Here you can upload further files.
Pictures - In addition, you can also upload further pictures for more detailed explanation.
Subtask - Here you have the possibility to create another subtask.
Form fields - Checkboxes, dropdowns or text fields can be added.

By selecting Save and assign (15.), you definitely assign the task. The person responsible is automatically notified.

Note: You can also edit tasks afterwards, here you will find the helparticle to do so. => How do I edit a task?

Information: How to create a task directly from an IFC model is described by the following helparticle => How do I assign a task to an IFC model?

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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