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How do I add form fields like checkbox, dropdown and textbox to a task?

To add a form field, select the appropriate task where you would like to add the form fields and click "+Add form field ".

A new window will open with form fields where you have the choice of "Add checkbox " (1.), "Add dropdown " (2.) and "Add text field " (3.).

If you have selected "Add checkbox "(1), a new window will open where you can add the Title (4.) and the Description (5.). You have the possibility to create multiple checkboxes, click "+ Add Item " (6.).

Add a description to each checkbox (7.). Once you have entered all the checkboxes, select "Add " (8.). If you want to edit them again, click the pencil at the bottom (9.), otherwise you can click "Save " (10.).

To add a dropdown select the corresponding "Add dropdown " button below.
Fill in the desired Title (1.) as well as the response options (2.). You can create multiple response options here, click "+ Add item " (3.) to do so.
Select "Add " (4.) when you have added all the dropdowns and then click "Save and Assign " (5.)

If you want to add a text field, select "Add text field " below.

Create the Title (1.), click "Add " (2.) and select "Save and Assign " (3.).

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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