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How do I edit a task?

Notes: To be able to edit a task, you must be the creator of the task or the task must have been created by someone from your organisation and released organisation-wide.

Click on Tasks (1.) and then on the pencil symbol (2.) for the task to be edited.

In the new window you can now edit all the details again.

You can change the type to "Deficiency " (1.), redefine the title (2.) and determine whether the task should be visible organisation-wide or only for yourself (3.). With a click on the "X " (4.) you can define a new person responsible for the task. You can set the due date in the yellow marked area (5.) and enter the location in the field next to it (6.). Furthermore, you can select and insert a distribution group (7.) and enter a description for the task (8.). Finally, you can add a plan marker (9.) and other various attachments (10. to 13.). You can add a subtask to your task by clicking on the + Add subtask button (14.). You can add form fields using the Add form field button (15.). Then save your changes by clicking on the Save button (16.).

Information: Once a task has been published, you cannot save it as a draft. If you change the person(s) responsible or add someone new to the distribution list, they will be notified accordingly. The persons you delete from the distribution list or remove as responsible persons no longer have access.

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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