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How do I release tasks in the organisation?

Information: A task can either be visible only to the person responsible (and the creator) or to all employees of the same organisation who participate in the project.

There are three ways to make or adjust this setting:

Direct: When the task is created (except in a protocol).
Subsequently: Under "Tasks".
Subsequently: In the respective protocol, in the detailed task overview.

When creating the task:

How to create a task is explained by the following helparticle => How do I create a task?.

Click on the person icon. The icon will change and you will be shown via pop-up what which icon means.

Note: By default, the setting is set to "All employees of my organisation in the project".

Under "Tasks ":

Under Tasks (1.) you will find all the tasks assigned to you and those that have been assigned to other employees in your organisation in this project and released to everyone from the organisation.

Note: You can only adjust the tasks assigned to you, unless you are the admin or the creator of the task.

Click on the Person icon (2.). The icon changes and a pop-up will show you what each icon means.

In the respective protocol, in the detailed task overview:

Open the desired session series. Click on the task.

Note: You can only open your own tasks and those you have created.

In the detail view you will now see the "Visibility" area. Click on the person symbol (2.). The symbol changes and a pop-up shows you what each symbol means.

Information: If a task is assigned in a session series or during the creation of a protocol, the option "All employees of my organisation in the project" is selected by default.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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