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How do I create new protocol items and agenda items/agendas?

To add a new log point, you have two options:

You can move the cursor to the place in the protocol where you want to add a new point and click the + button (1.). Or you can add a new point at the bottom of the protocol by clicking the + New item button (2.).

Choose between the options:
agenda item/tract item level 1
agenda item/tract item level 2
text level 2: choose between three types (information, task or decision)
agenda item/tract item level 3
text level 3: choose between three types (information, task or decision)
--> What are the different types of protocol items?

Note: No more layers can be added below a log point (text layer). Example: If 2.2 is already a protocol item (text level), no more level 2.2.1 can be created. However, if 2.2 is an agenda item/tract item, then you can add 2.2.1 as a protocol item.

Note: The item or agenda item/tract item can be moved to the right place and level simply by dragging and dropping.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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