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How do I send out an invitation to the meeting?

Navigate to the desired protocol and click on the button + New invitation.

Enter the following information:

Details: Enter the location as well as the date on which the session will take place. Define a start time and optionally an end time (fields marked yellow).

Session content: Enter a text in the Description field (yellow highlighted field) if required. This text will be used as a template in all subsequent invitations of the session series. Optionally, you can add attachments and images by either dragging and dropping them into the designated area or by clicking select (1. and 2.) in each case.

Distributors: Add the participating persons by entering their names in the search field (yellow highlighted field). You can move the added persons from the "Invitees" category to the "Others" category by dragging and dropping. If necessary, you can remove an added person again by clicking on the X (3.).

Finally, click on the Publish button (4.). A new window opens. For security reasons, confirm the publication of the invitation again by clicking on the Publish invitation button.

Information: Do you want to send the invitation additionally or subsequently by e-mail?

Open the invitation you would like to send by e-mail. Click on the button E-mail to distributor list (1.). Your e-mail programme opens and creates an e-mail.

You can export invitation (2.) as Word or PDF.

All email addresses of the people in the distribution list are listed in the line. Attach the Word or PDF output to the email, change the text as desired, and add more email addresses if necessary. Then select "Send.

Updated on: 02/08/2023

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