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What filter and setting options are available in the schedule?

When you are in the detail view or edit mode of a schedule, you can set and filter its contents.

setting options

You can adjust the time frame displayed (default setting: week) by clicking in the dropdown menu (1.) and then defining the desired time display (2.).

The Today button takes you to the current date in the schedule.

In the Customise columns field, you can define which information is displayed for the elements in the schedule.

After you have defined the columns by selecting the checkboxes, the corresponding information is displayed in the schedule.

By clicking on the 3 dots (1.) you can define whether you want to hide or show the blocking periods (2.).

filter options

In the dropdown menu Type you can define whether you want to have only the activities, the milestones or both displayed.

You can also filter by creation, start and due dates, by number or title, persons or organisations (areas highlighted in yellow).

You can adjust the column and enlarge or reduce it by holding down the sliding bar with the left mouse button and moving it.

Updated on: 28/08/2023

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