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How do I create a print job?

You have the possibility to print your plans as well as documents. To do this, first click on Files (1.) and then select the desired file(s) by clicking on the Checkbox (2.).

You can also select several files at once from the main and subfolders. On the right at "Selection" (yellow marked area) you will then see the selected files. Now you can click on Create print job.

If you have selected files that are not printable, a message appears stating that these files will be ignored. However, you can still proceed with the print job. To do this, click on the Yes button.

Now you get to the print details. Here you can choose between different options: There is the option to print (1.) or plot (2.) the documents. You can have the printed documents roll (3.) or fold (4.). In addition, you have the choice of having the print black and white (B/W) (5.) or colored (6.). Select the options by clicking on the checkboxes (7.). By clicking in the top column (yellow marked area) you apply the respective setting for all files. If you notice that you have selected a file by mistake, you can remove it by clicking on the Dump Bin button (8.). After that click the Next button (9.).

Now select the desired recipients by entering their names in the search field (yellow highlighted area). As soon as you have selected persons, you can specify the number of copies for all persons (green marked area) and then click on the Apply button (1.) or you can assign an individual number of copies to each person by entering them in the respective Number field (2.). Next you can determine the delivery address. By default, the organization address is stored. However, if you uncheck the checkbox (3.), you can enter a different address. You can remove an erroneously selected person by clicking on the trash can button (4.). Then click on the Next button (5.).

In the next step, you will have several options to choose from regarding delivery date, shipping and the printer's branch.

Note: Please note that the addresses defined in the previous step will only be used if you select the shipping option To recipient here.

Define a Date (1.) and optionally a Time (1.) for the delivery. Then select the shipping option (2.). Also enter a telephone number for queries (3.) and note down any additional information (highlighted in yellow). When you have made all the settings, click on the Next button (4.).

Next, define the billing and shipping address (yellow highlighted areas). If the shipping address is the same as the billing address, check the Checkbox "Same as billing address" (1.). Then click on the Next button (2.).

Information: Difference invoice address and invoice shipping address => The invoice address is the address of the person who pays the invoice. The billing address is the address of the company that does not pay the invoice, but still wants to view it.

Now you get to the check. Here you can check all settings again and correct them if necessary by clicking on the respective Edit button (1.). If everything is correct, click on the Create print job button (2.).

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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