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How to create a new folder?

Each organisation has its own organisation folder in which an individual folder structure can be created.

Note: All employees of your organisation who are registered in the project have read and write to the organisation folder by default.

Click on Files (1.) and then, under "Plans/Models" or "Documents" (areas marked yellow), on the own organisation folder (2.). Then you can click on the + Add button (3.) and select + Create folder (4.).

A new folder will be added, which you must name. Enter a name in the yellow highlighted area and click the Add button.

A new window will open. You will be asked to set the rights for the folder.

Use text input or filter (yellow marked areas) to search for the organisations that are to receive read, write and/or notification rights and click on the respective checkbox(es) (1.). If you want to withdraw a right from an organisation, click on the respective checkbox again. Complete the process by clicking on the Set rights button (2.).

Updated on: 12/12/2023

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