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How do I import a BCF file?

Click on Tasks (1.), then on the Import button (2.) and then on BCF File (3.).

A new window will open where you can either drag and drop the BCF file directly or add it by clicking select.

Once the file is completely uploaded, you can complete the BCF import. In the yellow marked search field you can make assignments to persons. You can save the assignments afterwards by clicking the Save assignments (1.) button. You can also generate BCF tasks directly. To do this, press the Generate tasks button (2.). Next you can define the status, to do this click on the drop-down menu and select the desired status (3.). After that you can click the Close button (4.) or click the Delete BCF button (5.) to remove the file.

You will now find your open BCF imports in the tasks overview. By clicking on the arrow ^ you can expand or collapse the menu.

If you click on one of the files listed there, the window opens again to be able to edit the BCF import again if necessary. You can Close the BCF file, Delete it, re-save the assignments and generate tasks (1.). You have the option to select another plan (2.) or delete the selected plan (3.). You can change the assignment to the persons by clicking on the respective Edit button (4.) as well as change the Status (5.).

Updated on: 19/06/2023

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