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How do I compare different versions of plans and models?

Navigate to the detail page of your plan or model and select the Compare button below the preview.

Note: In order to compare plans and models, multiple versions of the file must be uploaded. Activate the automatic versioning for this. => What kind of file name schemes can I configure?

Compare PDF plans:

Select left (1.) and right (2.) the versions you want to compare. Move the vertical bar (3.) from right to left to show the changes. On the left side of the bar you will see the left version of the plan and on the right side the right version.

Compare 3D models:

Select left (1.) and right (2.) to select the versions you want to compare.

Select the button (3.) so that the "Changes" window opens. 2.
By clicking on "Added", "Removed" and "Changed" (4.), the applicable components will be shown and hidden. 3.
The displayed components are listed (5.). Click on an entry to navigate to the corresponding position in the model.

Compare 2D models:

Select left (1.) and right (2.) the versions you want to compare.

Select this button (3.) if you want to compare two versions with the vertical bar.

I want to superimpose the models:

select the button (4.).
Select the button (5.) to open the "Compare documents" window. 4.
Select whether the differences between the two versions identified by the system should be highlighted with colors (6.) or not. 5.
hide or show a version of the plan by clicking on the eye (7.).

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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