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How do I enter an organization with different locations?

Information: Basically, as a person you can only belong to one organization with the same mail address.

If you belong to more than one organization, you must create a separate personal profile with a separate mail address for each of the different organizations.

Note: As the creator, you automatically become the organization admin of the respective organization.

If the different sites act independently, create a separate organization per site with different organization admins.

If your organizations are centrally controlled, i.e. everything runs through a head office anyway, we recommend to create only one organization with a common address to the outside. You can then register yourself as an organization several times in a project (if necessary) and enter your respective designations there as functions (e.g. planning, production, etc.).

How to register and enter your organization is explained by the following helparticle => How do I register??

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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