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How to create export templates?

smino offers you the possibility to personalize the header for export and, for example, insert your organization logo. As long as the protocol is in draft, the logo of the creator is displayed when exporting the protocol. As soon as the protocol is published, the logo of the organization publishing the protocol is displayed.

Note: Only persons with the "Organization admin" right can customize the header. => What can organization admins do?

Click on your name (1.) and then on organization (2.). Next, click on Templates (3.).

Navigate to the Exports section (1.). In the "Export Template Portrait" section as well as in the "Export Template Landscape" section, you can insert the graphic you want by clicking select (2.) or drag and drop the graphic directly into the field provided.

Move the graphic with the mouse to the desired position. Use the buttons Rotate (1.), Zoom in (2.) and Zoom out (3.) to rotate the graphic or to enlarge or reduce it. After that click the Upload button (4.).

Hints: If you want to fill the whole area, we recommend to prepare the graphic outside of smino (e.g. the address on the right, the logo on the left) and then upload it. Make sure that the size is at least 2067x325 pixels, so that the quality is sufficient for printing.

After you have uploaded the graphic, you can see at "Image quality" (yellow marked area) if your graphic is big enough. Good means a quality of over 300dpi when printing.

If the quality is insufficient, we recommend that you upload a larger graphic.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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