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Examples versioning

Below we show you a few examples to illustrate file versioning, how it works and what to look out for.

Note: There are different file naming schemes according to which smino recognizes newly uploaded files as updates of an already existing file. How the project admin can specify these schemes is explained by the following helparticle: What file name schemes can I configure?.

if the following rule is enabled: after the last "_" (bottom bar):

Everything before the last bottom bar is compared, that is, everything after the last bottom bar is excluded for checking.

Example 1:

old: Bauplan_V2-20181123.pdf
new: Bauplan_V3-20202312.pdf
=> "Word stem "Bauplan" is identical => old is replaced by new

Example 2:

old: Bauplan.pdf
new: Bauplan_V3-20202312.pdf
=> "word stem "Bauplan" is identical => old is replaced by new

Example 3:

old: Bauplan1.pdf
new: Bauplan2.pdf
=> no update (two different root words "Bauplan1" and "Bauplan2") => a new file Bauplan2.pdf is created. You can now see Bauplan1.pdf and Bauplan2.pdf in the folder.

Example 4:

old: Bauplan_EG.pdf
new: Bauplan_OG.pdf
=> Attention! Bauplan_OG.pdf replaces Bauplan_EG.pdf (root "Bauplan" is identical) => Bauplan_OG.pdf is the new version of Bauplan_EG.

Example 5:
old: Bauplan_EG_2020_02_01.pdf
neu: Bauplan_EG​_2020_03_02.pdf
=> Attention! No update, because root "Bauplan_EG_2020_02" and "Bauplan_EG_2020_03" are different.

Index information must always be placed at the end of the file name and separated from the plan name with a "_" (bottom bar). Index information must always be present.

Tip: Do not use "_" (floor dash) in the rest of the file name, but use other characters such as "-" (hyphen).

old: Bauplan-0231-EG_V23
new: Construction plan-0231-EG_V24

Furthermore, if several plans are uploaded at the same time:

Example 1:
Plan 1: Bauplan_EG.pdf
Plan 2: Bauplan_OG.pdf
=> Attention! Bauplan_OG.pdf would immediately update Bauplan_EG.pdf. System detects this and reports an error. Plans cannot be uploaded.

Example 2:
Plan 1: Bauplan-EG_2020-01-23.pdf
Plan 2: Bauplan-OG_2020-01-23.pdf
=> OK! Word root "Bauplan-EG" and "Bauplan-OG" are different and the plans can be uploaded.

use other separator / index in front.

The project admin can change the rule, e.g. to: before the first "-" (hyphen):.

Then it looks like this:

old: 2018_11_23-Bauplan_EG.pdf
new: 2019_11_23-Bauplan_EG.pdf
=> "Word stem "Bauplan_EG" is identical --> old is replaced by new

versioning disabled (for newly created projects this is the default setting):

If versioning is disabled, then the system compares the complete file name:

Example 1:
old: Bauplan_V220181123.pdf
new: Bauplan_V220202312.pdf
=> There are now two different files in the folder (Bauplan_V220181123.pdf and Bauplan_V220202312.pdf)

Example 2:
old: Bauplan_EG.pdf
new: Bauplan_EG.pdf
=> old is replaced by new

Updated on: 22/09/2023

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