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How do I create a subtask?

To create a subtask, click Tasks (1.) in the menu. Then select the task (2.) to which you want to add a subtask. Tasks for which subtasks have already been entered are displayed with an icon (3.).

Click the Edit button in the task.

To create a subtask in this task click the + Add Sub Task button.

A new window will open. Fill in the mandatory fields (fields marked orange). Then either save the subtask as Draft (1.) or assign the task directly via the Save and Assign button (2.).

How to create a distribution group for tasks is explained by the following helparticle: => How do I create a distribution group for tasks?

The created subtask(s) will now be displayed in the Tasks secti

In addition, the subtask is now visible in its own pop-up window in the task to which it was added.

When you edit a task to which a subtask has been added, the subtask is visible at the bottom of the task.

Note: You can create a subtask of a subtask. These must be assigned manually.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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