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How do I create a task using a task template?

Note: To perform this action, you need a Basic license.

To create a task using a task template, click Tasks (1.) in the menu and then click the Import button (2.). Then in the pop-up window click Task Template (3.).

A window will open. Here you can select/click the Task template (1.) you want to use. Confirm the selection by clicking the Import button (2.).

Information: When a template is selected, the modal shows the titles of contained tasks and their subtasks. Thereby the levels are shown by indentations.

You can now add to and edit the task created from the template by clicking the Edit button (1.).

In der Detailansicht der Aufgabe können Sie:

Change the type to "Deficiency " (1.).
Redefine/customize the title (2.).
Determine if the task should be visible company-wide or only to yourself (3.).
Define a responsible person for the task (4.).
Set the due date (5.).
Define the location (6.).
Select and insert a distribution group (7.).
Edit the description (8.) for the task.
Add a plan marker (9.) as well as other various attachments (10. to 13.).
Add a subtask or a Form to your task by clicking the +Add Subtask or the Form* button (14.).
Save the task as a draft or assign it directly by clicking the Save and Assign button (15.).

Updated on: 05/07/2023

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