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How do I sketch and mark up on preview images of a markup?

Information: The following browsers support this feature: Chrome, Firefox, Edge 79+, Safari 13+, Opera, Chrome for Android, Firefox Android, iOS Safari 13+, Chrome for iOS, Firefox iOS.

Create a new task or edit an already created task in draft mode. Add a marker to the task. In the marker preview screen, you now have the option to sketch and mark on the image.

To sketch something onto the preview image, click on the Pen button (1.). Then select the Line color (2.) as well as the Line width (3.) by clicking on the respective button. By clicking on the arrows (4.) you can navigate forwards and backwards (undo or redo actions already performed).

As an alternative to the arrows, you can also select the Eraser and thus delete sketched content. The important thing here is to "wipe" over the area to be deleted with the mouse button pressed.

You can draw lines on the preview image by clicking the Line button (1.) and then drawing a line on the plan. After that you can define a Start type (2.) as well as End type (3.).

When you click on the drawn line, a menu appears that allows you to set to foreground, duplicate or delete the element.

You can insert and configure arrows into the preview image in the same way as lines by clicking the Arrow button and then making the corresponding settings (color, stroke color and stroke width) (yellow highlighted area).

Furthermore, you can insert Rectangle (1.) as well as Ellipse (2.) by clicking on the corresponding button. Here, too, you can make the associated settings (color, stroke color and stroke width) (area highlighted in yellow).

When you click on the drawn shape, a menu appears again, allowing you to set to foreground, duplicate or delete the element.

You can insert text fields into the preview image. Click the Text button (1.) and use the Font button (2.) to select a font. Use the Font Style button (screenshot 2) to define the font style. After that you can make the corresponding settings (font color, font size) (yellow marked area).

After configuring the text, drag a field into the preview image. A window will appear where you can enter the text (yellow highlighted area). You can align the text according to your wishes (1.). You can further edit the text field by clicking on them (2.). Here you can rotate the text horizontally, foreground, duplicate or delete. You can also edit the text again.

If you want to reset all changes, you can click the Restore button (1.). After that, in the new window that appears, you must confirm the action by clicking the Restore original condition button (2.). In addition, you have the possibility to change the set marker by clicking the Edit marker button (3.). A new window will open (screenshot 2), in which you can move the marker by drag&drop or select a different plan. With a click on the waste garbage can button (4.) you delete the marker completely.

Note: You can proceed in the same way for preview images of a marker in journal entries and log items.

Updated on: 27/06/2023

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