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What can my dashboard do?

To open the Dashboard, click the round Dashboard sign in the navigation bar (black bar).

shows a graphical representation of the open, overdue and released for review tasks.
shows the currently active filters. They can be removed by clicking on the "X ". 3.
Displays the open, overdue and released for review tasks. You can click on a task and you will be taken directly to it.
shows a non-filterable overview of your tasks this week.
clicking on the 3 dots opens a window with the filter options.

If you click on the 3 points, a new window will open with the filter options.

here you can choose the period: Today, This week or This month.
here you can choose which tasks are displayed: My or Company.
here you can choose whether the tasks you created, tasks you received (tasks that were assigned to you) or tasks where you are in the distribution list are displayed.
here you can select the task type(s) which should be displayed.
here you can choose from which project the tasks should be displayed. You can also display the tasks of all projects here. 6.
click on the Reset filter button to reset all filters to the default settings.
When you have made your settings, confirm them by clicking on the Save button.

Updated on: 10/07/2023

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