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Where can I find tasks from the protocol?

Tasks from a protocol are listed in each case in the session series and can be seen with the responsible person in the menu under Tasks.

Task list in the session series:

All tasks created in a protocol of the session series are listed in the task list.

Note: Persons with administration rights on the session row always see all tasks of the session row. Persons without administration rights only see tasks from the minutes in which they are listed in the distribution list.

Completed tasks are listed once again in the log as Done. In the next but one protocol, these tasks are no longer visible. Nevertheless, all tasks of the session series are always listed in the task list.

Note: Tasks deleted in the log remain under Tasks for the respective user.

Protocol tasks in the menu under Tasks:

The person assigned to complete a task can view and edit your tasks in each case under the Tasks menu item on the left. These tasks remain even if the session series or the protocol is deleted.

Updated on: 17/07/2023

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