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Who sees a created task?

Tasks can be viewed by different people. This also depends on how the task was created. We distinguish two possibilities:

tasks from a log - view under logs:

All persons of the distribution list in the protocol can view the tasks in the respective protocol. The view can differ depending on the editing right:

Person without editing right:

For own tasks, the Status field (1.) can be changed.

For external tasks, the status can only be viewed and not changed (2.).

Person with edit right:

As a person with edit rights on the session row, you can view and adjust the status of all tasks from the minutes. This also applies to tasks that have not been assigned to you.

all tasks - view under tasks:

Under Tasks (1.) the visibility can be changed from own to organization internal tasks (2.).

My = All tasks assigned to you (normal, protocol and BIM tasks).
Organization = Your own tasks, tasks where you are in the task distribution list and tasks from other employees in your organization. You will only see the tasks within the organization if the person has released them to the organization. => How do I release tasks in the organization?

Explanation of person symbols:

One person (3rd) = Only I can edit this task (the task has not been shared organization-wide, but you are the creator or responsible for the task).
Two people (4th) = Task has been shared organization-wide. All employees of my organization in the project can work on this task.
No* person (5.) = You are only in the distribution list of the task and neither responsible nor creator of the task and the task was not shared organization-wide.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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