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How do I filter and sort subtasks?


To filter subtasks, go to Tasks (1.) in the menu. Here you can filter under Subtasks (2.). If you set the filter to All collapsed (3.), the subtasks are hidden. The tasks that contain subtasks are displayed with a black arrow icon in front of the task (4.).

If you set the filter to All unfolded (3.), the subtasks will be displayed below the task with a connection (4.).

If a task with subtask and supertask has been created, this is indicated with a white arrow symbol in front of the task (5.).

If you set the filter to as own tasks (3.), the subtasks will be listed as own tasks in the list (4.).


If you have created multiple subtasks in a task, you can sort them according to your desired order. Click Tasks (1.) in the menu and select the Task with multiple subtasks (2.) which you want to sort. The tasks which have recorded subtasks are displayed with an icon (3.) and are marked with an arrow symbol. By clicking on the arrow icon (4.) you can expand the subtasks.

Click the Edit button in the task detail view.

The subtasks are visible at the bottom of the task. By clicking (holding down) the 6 dots (1.) you can drag and drop the individual subtasks up or down. After sorting, click the Save button (2.) to confirm.

In the detail view of the task, the subtasks appear in their own drop-down window. The order is displayed as you have sorted them.

Updated on: 04/07/2023

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