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Rights management of the organization folders in files

Each organization has its own organization folder in a project under "Files" in the "Plans/Models" area and in the "Documents" area (areas highlighted in yellow).

All project members of your organization, as well as all project members who have been assigned the respective rights, have write (upload files, create folders, change read rights), read and delete rights to the contents of your organization folder.

You can also specify which organizations or even roles should be notified about the upload of new files. Only project members who have previously activated the Notify option will receive a notification.

Attention: The rights management for the "Project folder" under "Plans" as well as "Documents" is organized differently. => Create project folders / Set write permissions

Navigate to your own organization folder (1.) and then click on the three dots (2.) at the desired subfolder. After that you can click Rights Management (3.).

A new window will open. Determine which organizations should receive read and which write rights. You can also determine whether the participants should be informed about new uploads. To do this, click on the respective checkbox (1., 2. and 3.). Read and write permission applies to the selected folder and all its subfolders. You can search or filter by a specific organization, by roles and by rights (areas highlighted in yellow). Then click on Set rights (4.).

Note: Changes to rights are passed on to subfolders when they are saved. Subfolders cannot have fewer rights than their main folders. However, subfolders can have more rights than their main folders.

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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