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Why do I get an error message when uploading a file/folder?

It may happen that a file or folder cannot be uploaded. Please try the following options first:

If you have the data from a server, please save it locally on your PC and try the upload again.
Try the upload in a different browser. It may be that certain security settings are defined which prevent this.
Sometimes it also helps if the browser data is cleaned up.
If the file or folder is located in a deep folder structure or has a very long file name, try copying the files or folders to a less deep folder structure, e.g. to the desktop, or shorten the file name so that the path of the file or folder is shortened.

If you receive a message for a Word, Excel or image file that the format is not supported, please note that these formats are only uploaded under Documents. These formats are not supported under Plans/Models.
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If you have an error message regarding the collision (1.), it is due to the configuration of the versioning. The respective project admin can define how versioning should work. When uploading the files or folders, there is a blue field below (2.) where you can see how this is defined.
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If a model has not been processed correctly or the display regarding the rotation is not correct, please check the following settings.
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Updated on: 15/05/2024

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